Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov model with density-dependent meson-nucleon couplings

Nikšić, Tamara and Vretenar, Dario and Finelli, P. and Ring, Peter (2002) Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov model with density-dependent meson-nucleon couplings. Physical Review C, 66 (2). pp. 24306-15. ISSN 0556-2813

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The relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov (RHB) model is extended to include density-dependent meson-nucleon couplings. The effective Lagrangian is characterized by a phenomenological density dependence of the σ, ω, and ρ meson-nucleon vertex functions, adjusted to properties of nuclear matter and finite nuclei. Pairing correlations are described by the pairing part of the finite range Gogny interaction. The new density-dependent effective interaction DD-ME1 is tested in the analysis of the equations of state for symmetric and asymmetric nuclear matter, and of ground-state properties of the Sn and Pb isotopic chains. Results of self-consistent RHB calculations are compared with experimental data, and with results previously obtained in the RHB model with nonlinear self-interactions, as well as in the density-dependent relativistic hadron field (DDRH) model. Parity-violating elastic electron scattering on Pb and Sn nuclei is calculated using a relativistic optical model with inclusion of Coulomb distortion effects, and the resulting asymmetry parameters are related to the neutron ground-state density distributions.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: mean-field theory, ground-state properties, elastic electron-scattering, range pairing forces, neutron skin, drip line
Date: August 2002
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Physics > Nuclear Physics
Additional Information: Copyright (2002) by the American Physical Society.
Divisions: Faculty of Science > Department of Physics
Project code: 0119250
Publisher: American Physical Society
Depositing User: Gordana Stubičan Ladešić
Date Deposited: 22 May 2014 19:10
Last Modified: 22 May 2014 19:10

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