Measurement of the Parity-Violating Asymmetry in Inclusive Electroproduction of π- near the Δ0 Resonance

Androić, Darko and Armstrong, D. S. and Arvieux, J. and Bailey, S. L. and Beck, D. H. and Beise, E. J. and Benesch, J. and Benmokhtar, F. and Bimbot, L. and Birchall, J. and Bosted, P. and Breuer, H. and Capuano, C. L. and Chao, Y.-C. and Coppens, A. and Davis, C. A. and Ellis, C. and Flores, G. and Franklin, G. and Furget, C. and Gaskell, D. and Gericke, M. T. W. and Grames, J. and Guillard, G. and Hansknecht, J. and Horn, T. and Jones, M. K. and King, P. M. and Korsch, W. and Kox, S. and Lee, L. and Liu, J. and Lung, A. and Mammei, J. and Martin, J. W. and McKeown, R. D. and Micherdzinska, A. and Mihovilovic, M. and Mkrtchyan, H. and Muether, M. and Page, S. A. and Papavassiliou, V. and Pate, S. F. and Phillips, S. K. and Pillot, P. and Pitt, M. L. and Poelker, M. and Quinn, B. and Ramsay, W. D. and Real, J.-S. and Roche, J. and Roos, P. and Schaub, J. and Ševa, Tomislav and Simicevic, N. and Smith, G. R. and Spayde, D. T. and Stutzman, M. and Suleiman, R. and Tadevosyan, V. and van Oers, W. T. H. and Versteegen, M. and Voutier, E. and Vulcan, W. and Wells, S. P. and Williamson, S. E. and Wood, S. A. (G0 Collaboration) (2012) Measurement of the Parity-Violating Asymmetry in Inclusive Electroproduction of π- near the Δ0 Resonance. Physical Review Letters, 108 (12). pp. 122002-5. ISSN 0031-9007

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The parity-violating (PV) asymmetry of inclusive π-production in electron scattering from a liquid deuterium target was measured at backward angles. The measurement was conducted as a part of the G0 experiment, at a beam energy of 360 MeV. The physics process dominating pion production for these kinematics is quasifree photoproduction off the neutron via the Δ0 resonance. In the context of heavy-baryon chiral perturbation theory, this asymmetry is related to a low-energy constant dΔ- that characterizes the parity-violating γNΔ coupling. Zhu et al. calculated dΔ- in a model benchmarked by the large asymmetries seen in hyperon weak radiative decays, and predicted potentially large asymmetries for this process, ranging from Aγ-=-5.2 to +5.2  ppm. The measurement performed in this work leads to Aγ-=-0.36±1.06±0.37±0.03  ppm (where sources of statistical, systematic and theoretical uncertainties are included), which would disfavor enchancements considered by Zhu et al. proportional to Vud/Vus. The measurement is part of a program of inelastic scattering measurements that were conducted by the G0 experiment, seeking to determine the N-Δ axial transition form factors using PV electron scattering.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: parity-violating asymmetry, electron scattering, deuterium target
Date: March 2012
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Physics
Additional Information: Copyright (2012) by the American Physical Society.
Divisions: Faculty of Science > Department of Physics
Project code: 119-0982887-1006
Publisher: American Physical Society
Depositing User: Gordana Stubičan Ladešić
Date Deposited: 10 Jul 2014 11:09
Last Modified: 23 Feb 2016 16:11

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