Hawking radiation, W algebras and anomalies

Smolić, Ivica (2010) Hawking radiation, W algebras and anomalies. Doctoral thesis, Faculty of Science > Department of Physics.

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We have extended the analysis of the method used to calculate the bosonic and fermionic Hawking radiation spectrum via higher spin currents. We start by showing that the near-horizon physics for a Kerr black hole is approximated by an effective two-dimensional field theory of bosonic or fermionic fields. Then, using two-dimensional currents of any spin that form a W_infinity algebra in the bosonic and W_1+infinity algebra in the fermionic case, we construct an infinite set of covariant currents, each of which carries the corresponding moment of the Hawking radiation. These are suficient for the reconstruction of the Hawking radiation spectrum, which agrees with the result obtained by other methods. More importantly, we show that the predictive power of this method is based not on the anomalies of the higher-spin currents (which are trivial) but on the underlying W_infinity or W_1+infinity structure. Our results point toward the existence of a symmetry larger than the Virasoro algebra, generated by some of the W algebras, in the near-horizon geometry.

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral thesis)
Keywords: black holes, Hawking radiation, anomalies, W algebras
Supervisor: Pallua, Silvio and Bonora, Loriano
Date: 9 July 2010
Number of Pages: 105
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Physics
Divisions: Faculty of Science > Department of Physics
Depositing User: Gordana Stubičan Ladešić
Date Deposited: 24 Jul 2014 10:38
Last Modified: 24 Jul 2014 10:38
URI: http://digre.pmf.unizg.hr/id/eprint/2535

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