Characteristics and vulnerability of amphibians in Podravina

Kudeljnjak, Martina (2009) Characteristics and vulnerability of amphibians in Podravina. Bachelor's thesis, Faculty of Science > Department of Biology.

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All kinds of amphibians and reptiles are protected in Croatia or even a strictly protected by the Law on Nature Protection. But people are not familiar with the cult members in a group of animals, because of the fear and prejudice that are transmitted for generations, and are caused by ignorance of these animals. This vicious circle is one of the key reasons to reduce populations of these species. Can be dissolved so that people directly familiar with this unjustly persecuted animals. Most agents who are listed as possible causes of the disappearance of amphibians could be classified under the general problem of reducing biodiversity at the global level. This means that under the influence of excessive and irrational exploitation of the planet by man, yet there is still something. Many of the observed disappearance occurred suddenly and in areas where the cause can not be the disappearance of habitats, Allochthonous species or exploitation, such as biological reserves, and many of these places are located in high altitude. It is therefore possible that the disappearance of amphibians, or at least one part of a phenomenon separate from the global reduction of biodiversity. While a study of this worrying phenomenon invested considerable effort, time and money, there are still many more questions than answers regarding the disappearance of amphibians. It seems that to achieve the necessary long-term results, systematic monitoring of population status of amphibians, especially with regard to natural fluctuations. To this end, scientists are trying to organize in order to reach as broad and extensive monitoring of amphibians at different levels, from ecology to biochemistry. When a little thought, it is interesting how many people the world today called animal lovers. Enough of those who consider themselves great experts on the whole animal kingdom. However, most of them are based only on a group of mammals, and further or in contemplation. People love mammals, care for them and constantly expand their knowledge about them. Many are research and rescue activities and promoting a wider range of endangered mammals and people throughout the public. In contrast, there are few who would know the answer to a question about some kind of amphibian. When I asked people who do not deal with science, you know which animal species are češnjača for example, red and yellow-bellied toad, common Gubavica or green, I think that I would not get a lot of correct answers. Of course, these species belong to the frog. In Croatia still live tree, small and large green frog, meadow, forest and wetland brown frogs and some species. We even have an Italian frog, which is an endangered species in a limited habitat in Istria. Frogs are small animals of great importance for our planet. Millions of years have a very important role in nature and are important indicators of conservation of certain habitats and ecosystems as a whole. Amphibians are the group of animals that are mostly proprietary and more vulnerable every day. The main reasons for the increasing disappearance of amphibians are vanishing habitats, pollution, climate change and highly lethal infection. Frogs in honor of the 28th April marks the International Day of the frog (Save The Frogs Day). This is good step in promoting a wider range of people amphibians. This can inform and old, but the younger ones. In this way they can point to the vulnerability of amphibians and the importance of good relating to them in order of their conservation. On this day around the world held numerous lectures and various activities for the protection of the frog as one of the most endangered group of animals on Earth. Studying this topic and I met some interesting, but the abnormal data. So, for example, this on amphibians as a food source worldwide. So far I have felt somewhat underdeveloped and exotic dishes, but actually is not so. The main source of food among the amphibians frog legs. Frog legs are very popular in Europe, USA and Canada. The 90-them for years Europe has imported 6 000 t per year frogs' legs. Between the 1981st and 1984. USA amount of imported meat, which corresponds to 26 million frogs. Asia is the second largest market of frogs' legs, and most often eaten Chinese edible frog, Hoplobatrachus rugulosus. In just one year from Hong Kong to Thailand imported more than 6 million of these frogs. All the frogs probably taken from nature, because most farms in Thailand cultivated type Rana catesbiana. This species is almost certainly vulnerabily and continued exploitation may lead to the disappearance of the population. So this is an interesting fact about amphibians as pets. Amphibians have always been popular pets. Today they are sold in pet shops, and beautifully colored and rare exotic species achieve a very high price. For example, rare species Cornua Goliath, the largest frog in the world, reached in America the price of 3 000 $ per copy. This species is not currently protected by CITES, so that it can be almost freely tradable. Are very vulnerable to market and types of pets the family Dendrobatidae. Affected are various types of salamander, Aquarius, frog and toad. Since I am from Podravina, I was a little more effort to gain some more knowledge about amphibians just from my place. It is good that with us there are people who give a little more attention to this threat very fascinating group of animals. We conclude that rescue amphibians action that is performed in the Drava Valley, the area Đelekovec shows better positive results. This helps preserve the highly endangered amphibian populations, but can be seen and modified in view the population of this problem. This is actually considered the most valuable result of all the action. However, slow starts, and scientific research on amphibians Injury other important sites in the surroundings, and beyond. The survey population toad on location at Gabajeva greda was found suffering over 10% of toad. Observation was carried out during the spawning migration in the night with an average traffic intensity of 4.5 cars per hour. Toad populations in this area is estimated at around 15,000 individuals. Although a large number of individuals injured or killed during each breeding season, the population is large enough and well preserved. Number of amphibians on the road during the spawning period is great and gives a rare and very fascinating sight. In addition we found the toad and many other rare and protected species. Precisely because this area should be evaluated further and, above all, protect. In fact, it's just that local residents recognize the value of nature that surrounds them. In this way, would probably start their own efforts to preserve it better. In the area Koprivnica and Podravina are, fortunately, a lot of effort invested in solving the problems incidents amphibians. Croatian exists across many roads where amphibians mass casualties. Therefore, it is expected awakening pripadnog population and the establishment of similar programs in other parts of the country. We must not forget that the oasis of diversity and richness HERPETOFAUNA now slowly disappearing. If you can not effort to preserve them and keep our children would need to know about them only from the stories of their grandparents. However, it is very sad and devastating facts, and therefore only the time we wake up, look around, see the reality and the realities in the environment and start working.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor's thesis)
Supervisor: Mrakovčić, Milorad
Date: 2009
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Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Biology
Divisions: Faculty of Science > Department of Biology
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