Zanki, Vladimir (2014) Introns. Bachelor's thesis, Faculty of Science > Department of Biology.

Language: Croatian

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Introns are parts of the DNA, and consequently RNA, that are spliced from the primary transcript and do not encode for a polypeptide chain. Splicing can be catalyzed by introns alone or by a ribonucleoprotein complex, and occurs during RNA transcription. Although in the past they were considered unnecessary parts of the genome that are just taking up valuable space inside the DNA they have extraordinary role in the regulation of gene expression by alternative splicing. This thesis presents key steps of posttranscriptional modifications of RNA precursors, basic characteristics of introns, their role and ways of splicing from different RNA precursors. In addition, much attention is devoted to the mechanisms of alternative pre-mRNA splicing which is one of the main sources of protein diversity of eukaryotic organisms. Also, part of the work is devoted to the mutations that can occur within an intron, which may significantly change the basic meaning of the molecule, as well as diseases that have origin in introns. And finally, two hypotheses on the origin of introns are given with mutual similarities and differences between different groups of introns.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor's thesis)
Supervisor: Rokov Plavec, Jasmina
Date: 2014
Number of Pages: 30
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Biology
Divisions: Faculty of Science > Department of Biology
Depositing User: Silvana Šehić
Date Deposited: 17 Nov 2014 09:41
Last Modified: 17 Nov 2014 09:41

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