Quest for COSMOS Submillimeter Galaxy Counterparts using CARMA and VLA: Identifying Three High-redshift Starburst Galaxies

Smolčić, Vernesa and Navarrete, F. and Aravena, M. and Ilbert, O. and Yun, M. S. and Sheth, K. and Salvato, M. and McCracken, H. J. and Diener, C. and Aretxaga, I. and Riechers, D. A. and Finoguenov, A. and Bertoldi, F. and Capak, P. and Hughes, D. and Karim, A. and Schinnerer, E. and Scoville, N. Z. and Wilson, G. (2012) Quest for COSMOS Submillimeter Galaxy Counterparts using CARMA and VLA: Identifying Three High-redshift Starburst Galaxies. Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 200 (1). pp. 10-21. ISSN 0067-0049

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We report on interferometric observations at 1.3 mm at 2"-3" resolution using the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy. We identify multi-wavelength counterparts of three submillimeter galaxies (SMGs; F_(1mm) > 5.5 mJy) in the COSMOS field, initially detected with MAMBO and AzTEC bolometers at low, ~10"-30", resolution. All three sources—AzTEC/C1, Cosbo-3, and Cosbo-8—are identified to coincide with positions of 20 cm radio sources. Cosbo-3, however, is not associated with the most likely radio counterpart, closest to the MAMBO source position, but with that farther away from it. This illustrates the need for intermediate-resolution (~2") mm-observations to identify the correct counterparts of single-dish-detected SMGs. All of our three sources become prominent only at NIR wavelengths, and their mm-to-radio flux based redshifts suggest that they lie at redshifts z ≳ 2. As a proof of concept, we show that photometric redshifts can be well determined for SMGs, and we find photometric redshifts of 5.6 ± 1.2, 1.9^(+0.9)_(–0.5), and ~4 for AzTEC/C1, Cosbo-3, and Cosbo-8, respectively. Using these we infer that these galaxies have radio-based star formation rates of ≳ 1000 M_☉ yr^(–1) and IR luminosities of ~10^(13) L_☉ consistent with properties of high-redshift SMGs. In summary, our sources reflect a variety of SMG properties in terms of redshift and clustering, consistent with the framework that SMGs are progenitors of z ~ 2 and today's passive galaxies.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: galaxies: active; galaxies: distances and redshifts; galaxies: high-redshift; galaxies: starburst; submillimeter: galaxies
Date: 2012
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Physics > Astronomy and Astrophysics
Additional Information: © 2012 American Astronomical Society. Received 2011 May 10; accepted 2012 March 21; published 2012 May 4.
Divisions: Faculty of Science > Department of Physics
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Depositing User: Vernesa Smolčić
Date Deposited: 21 Apr 2015 16:02
Last Modified: 19 Apr 2016 14:14

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