Morphological and genetic diversity of the invasive crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus (Dana, 1852) populations in Croatia

Mijošek, Tatjana (2015) Morphological and genetic diversity of the invasive crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus (Dana, 1852) populations in Croatia. Diploma thesis, Faculty of Science > Department of Biology.

Language: Croatian

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Signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) is a native to North America. It was introduced to Europe and Japan but it soon spread as an invasive species. In Croatia, it is widespread in the rivers Mura and Korana where it competes with native spieces. Moreover, it may be an Aphanomyces astaci carrier, a pathogen causing a disease lethal to native crayfish spieces. Since the knowledge on the genetic diversity of this species is limited, microsatellite markers and mitochondrial gene 16S rRNA analyses were used to explore the phylogenetic relations among Croatian populations as well as their relation to other already studied populations. Morphometric characteristics were studied to determine if there are significant differences among populations and if these are concordant with the genetic analyses results. Results showed that the genetic diversity of Pacifastacus leniusculus is slightly higher within the Mura population compared to the Korana population, but no clearly seperation of these two populations wer obtained. Genetic diversity of this species within Croatia is slightly lower in comparison to already investigated Scandinavian and West European countries. This study contributes to the knowledge on signal crayfish, its characteristics, genetic diversity as well as the possible estimation of its invasive success.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma thesis)
Keywords: invasive species, microsatellite markers, 16S rRNA, morphometric characteristics, phylogenetic relations, invasive success
Supervisor: Maguire, Ivana
Co-supervisor: Jelić, Mišel
Date: 2015
Number of Pages: 58
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Biology
Divisions: Faculty of Science > Department of Biology
Depositing User: Silvana Šehić
Date Deposited: 23 Mar 2016 11:28
Last Modified: 23 Mar 2016 11:28

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