Nucleon and Nuclear Structure Through Dilepton Production

Anikin, I. V. and Baltzell, N. and Boer, M. and Boussarie, R. and Braun, V. M. and Brodsky, S. J. and Camsonne, A. and Chang, W. C. and Colaneri, L. and Dobbs, S. and Efremov, A. V. and Gnanvo, K. and Gryniuk, O. and Guidal, M. and Guzey, V. and Hyde, C. E. and Ilieva, Y. and Joosten, S. and Kroll, P. and Kumerički, Krešimir and Meziani, Z. - E. and Müller, D. and Semenov-Tian- Shansky, K. M. and Stepanyan, S. and Szymanowski, L. and Tadevosyan, V. and Teryaev, O. V. and Vanderhaeghen, M. and Voutier, E. and Wagner, J. and Weiss, C. and Zhao, Z. W. (2018) Nucleon and Nuclear Structure Through Dilepton Production. Acta Physica Polonica B, 49 (4). pp. 741-784. ISSN 0587-4254

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Transverse momentum distributions and generalized parton distributions provide a comprehensive framework for the three-dimensional imaging of the nucleon and the nucleus experimentally using deeply virtual semi-exclusive and exclusive processes. The advent of combined high luminosity facilities and large acceptance detector capabilities enables experimental investigation of the partonic structure of hadrons with time-like virtual probes, in complement to the rich on-going space-like virtual probe program. The merits and benefits of the dilepton production channel for nuclear structure studies are discussed within the context of the International Workshop on Nucleon and Nuclear Structure through Dilepton Production taking place at the European Center for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT⋆) of Trento. Particularly, the double deeply virtual Compton scattering, the time-like Compton scattering, the deeply virtual meson production, and the Drell–Yan processes are reviewed and a strategy for high impact experimental measurements is proposed.

Item Type: Article
Date: 2018
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Physics
Divisions: Faculty of Science > Department of Physics
Project code: KK., IP-2013-11-8799
Publisher: Jagiellonian University
Depositing User: Gordana Stubičan Ladešić
Date Deposited: 06 Mar 2019 16:34
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