The XXL Survey. XXVII. The 3XLSS point source catalogue

Chiappetti, L. and Fotopoulou, S. and Lidman, C. and Faccioli, L. and Pacaud, F. and Elyiv, A. and Paltani, S. and Pierre, M. and Plionis, M. and Adami, C. and Alis, S. and Altieri, B. and Baldry, I. and Bolzonella, M. and Bongiorno, A. and Brown, M. and Driver, S. and Elmer, E. and Franzetti, P. and Grootes, M. and Guglielmo, V. and Iovino, A. and Koulouridis, E. and Lefèvre, J. P. and Liske, J. and Maurogordato, S. and Melnyk, O. and Owers, M. and Poggianti, B. and Polletta, M. and Pompei, E. and Ponman, T. and Robotham, A. and Sadibekova, T. and Tuffs, R. and Valtchanov, I. and Vignali, C. and Wagner, G. (2018) The XXL Survey. XXVII. The 3XLSS point source catalogue. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 620. A12-1-A12-18. ISSN 0004-6361

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We present the version of the point source catalogue of the XXL Survey that was used, in part, in the first series of XXL papers. In this paper we release, in our database in Milan and at CDS: (i) the X-ray source catalogue with 26 056 objects in two areas of 25 deg2 with a flux limit (at 3σ) of ∼10^−15 erg s^−1 cm^−2 in [0.5–2] keV, and ∼ 3 × 10^−15 erg s^−1 cm^−2 in [2–10] keV, yielding a 90% completeness limit of 5.8 × 10^−15 and 3.8 × 10^−14 respectively; (ii) the associated multiwavelength catalogues with candidate counterparts of the X-ray sources in the infrared, near-infrared, optical, and ultraviolet (plus spectroscopic redshift when available); and (iii) a catalogue of spectroscopic redshifts recently obtained in the southern XXL area. We also present the basic properties of the X-ray point sources and their counterparts. Other catalogues described in the second series of XXL papers will be released contextually, and will constitute the second XXL data release.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: surveys; X-rays: general; catalogs
Date: 20 November 2018
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Physics > Astronomy and Astrophysics
Additional Information: © ESO 2018. Received 1 September 2017; Accepted 4 January 2018; Published online 20 November 2018.
Divisions: Faculty of Science > Department of Physics
Publisher: EDP Sciences
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Date Deposited: 02 May 2019 11:56
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