Cultural landscapes of Dubrava district (Zagreb)- typological approach

Crljenko, Ivana (2011) Cultural landscapes of Dubrava district (Zagreb)- typological approach. Doctoral thesis, Faculty of Science > Department of Geography.

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The research topic of this dissertation are cultural landscapes of two city districts in Zagreb - Donja and Gornja Dubrava, i.e. their visible, material appearance, from structure. Besides analysing their physiognomy, the author tries to detect and decode links, relations and meaning, i.e. social and cultural contexts incorporated in them. The main methodological approach is typology, wich is used to indicate different types of cultural landscapes in Dubrava. Besides making a typology, wich is the main aim of the dissertation, the other aims are realized through the following hypotheses: a) cultural landscape of Dubrava is not unique, but rather diverse, so we might say that there are several cultural landscapes in Dubrava; b) morphologic structure of Dubrava evolved though different historical periods. Accordingly, there are apparent differences among cultural landscapes; c) apperance of cultural landscapes of Dubrava is result of terrain configuration; d) in the period after political changes in 1990s, the landscape of consumerism in Dubrava experienced significat transformation; e) cultural landscapes reflect population composition (economic, ethnic, educational and age compositions); f) typology of cultural landscapes in Dubrava indicates specific features of development of Dubrava. Different research methods were used, including analysis of urban morphology, interpretative method, diachronic analysis, and quantitative methods. Research results confirmed the above-mentioned hypotheses and indicated that, depending on selected elements of cultural landscapes, we can distinguish several different types and subtypes of landscapes, and types of individual of individual elements of Dubrava landscape. Typology was made by using two criteria. According to the first criterion, there are three types of landscape: morphologic, functional and memorial landscapes, i.e. types of landscape elements. There are three morphologic types of landscape, whose main characteristic are inequalities in morphologic structure tha are closley related to morphogenesis of Dubrava, and they are: per-urban, planned and unplaned landscapes. Functional types weredistingueshed on the basis of functional structure of Dubrava and its visible reflection in cultural landscapes, and they are: propulsive landscape, landscape of consumerism, rudimentary landscape, traffic landscape, landscape of public services, learning lendscape, landscape of culture, sacral landscape, recreational landscape, weekwnd landscape, but there are also residual elements of landscape. Symbolic landscapes, whose main feature is their distinct symbolism, are represented in Dubrava by two types: memorial socialist elements of landscape and landscape of personal memories. According to the second criterion, wich is related to number, distribution and dimension of landscape elements that determine distinctness of visual definition and recognition of certain type of landscape, there are also three types of landscape: landscape (with numerous different landscape elements, often of large dimensions, that are distributed in wider area, but together they visually form a certain type, e.g. peri-urban landscape), landscape marked by dominance of educational, cultural and sacral elements (with fewer, but in some parts dominant elements that form certain type of landscape, e.g. landscape of culture), and landscape elements (they occur sparsely and mostly have smaller dimensions, so they cannot be regarded as types of cultural landscapes, but rather as spatially unrelated elements that have similar typical characteristics, e.g. residual elements of landscape). Analysis of the elements of the image of Dubrava that is created by the perception of local population indicated that Dubrava area can be percived throught five elements of urban morphology (roads, fringes, areas, nodes and landmarks)

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral thesis)
Keywords: cultural landscapes, typology, Dubrava, types of landscape, elements of landscape
Supervisor: Šakaja, Laura
Date: 2011
Number of Pages: 398
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Geography
Additional Information: ERRATA CORRIGE: Na str. 84. u prvom retku umjesto "Ulica kneza Branimira" treba stajati "Slavonska avenija". Na str. 106. u 13. retku umjesto "današnje" treba stajati "tadašnje"
Divisions: Faculty of Science > Department of Geography
Depositing User: Inja Cahun
Date Deposited: 01 Apr 2014 11:14
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