Thermal relaxation and quantum tunnelling of the magnetization in Mn_12-acetate

Pajić, Damir and Zadro, Krešo and Friščić, Tomislav and Judaš, Nenad and Meštrović, Ernest (1999) Thermal relaxation and quantum tunnelling of the magnetization in Mn_12-acetate. Fizika A, 8 (4). pp. 253-260. ISSN 1330-0008

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The dependence of the magnetic moment m on the temperature T and the magnetic field H in a synthesized molecular magnet Mn_12-acetate has been measured using a SQUID magnetometer. The splitting of zero-field cooled (ZFC) and field-cooled (FC) m(T) curves below the so-called blocking temperature TB ( ≈ 3.6 K at H = 0) was observed. By measuring the time relaxation of m, it was found that it tended to the same value with the same relaxation time ( ≈ 560 s at 3 K) for both ZFC and FC processes. This indicates spin freezing below TB and the single molecule process in the explored temperature range (2 K < T < 4 K). The dependence of TB on applied H was also investigated. The decreasing of TB with increasing H can be explained in the frame of barrier reduction in the applied field.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: quantum tunnelling, magnetic relaxation, magnetic bistability, blocking temperature, anisotropy barrier, spin freezing
Date: 1999
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Physics
Divisions: Faculty of Science > Department of Physics
Publisher: Hrvatsko fizikalno društvo
Depositing User: Gordana Stubičan Ladešić
Date Deposited: 14 Apr 2014 17:36
Last Modified: 14 Apr 2014 17:36

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