Northern Velebit Deep Caves

Bakšić, Darko and Paar, Dalibor and Stroj, Andrej and Lacković, Damir (2013) Northern Velebit Deep Caves. In: 16th International Congress of Speeleology, Proceedings. Czech Speleological Society and UIS, Brno, pp. 24-29. ISBN 978-80-87857-08-3

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Research of Northern Velebit started in the early 90s by Slovak cavers. From then on, each year at least one caving expedition is carried out in the Northern Velebit. In 22 years in the Northern Velebit area a total of 348 caves were explored of which three caves are deeper than 1, 000 m, five caves are deeper than 500 m, nine caves deeper than 200 m, and 27 caves deeper than 100 meters. Other explored caves do not reach 100 m of depth. Most of cave entrances are located at an altitude between 1, 400 to 1, 600 m. Basic morphological features of Velebit caves are verticality and the incidence of major verticals. The biggest discovered verticals are located in Patkov gušt (P553), Cave systemVelebita (P513), Meduza (P333) and in Cave system Lukina jama (P329). Five verticals are deeper than 200 m and 100 m verticals are quite common. The majority of Croatian caving associations participated in the cave research but the most of those expeditions were organized by the Speleological Committee of Croatian Mountaineering Association. During all these years of research an excellent international cooperation was formed with cavers from Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium, Polish, Lithuania, France, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, Slovenia, Spain, Bulgaria, USA and Serbia. In the last four years, there were four expeditions. Results of these expeditions are presented in this article.

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Keywords: caves, Velebit, geological structure
Date: 2013
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Geology
Divisions: Faculty of Science > Department of Physics
Project code: Istraživanja dubokih jama Nacionalnog parka Sjeverni Velebit
Corporate Creators: Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb, Svetošimunska cesta 25, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, Bijenička 32, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Croatian Geological Survey, Sachsova 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Croatian Natural History Museum, Demetrova 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Publisher: Czech Speleological Society and UIS
Depositing User: Dalibor Paar
Date Deposited: 25 Apr 2014 05:08
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