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Adelman-McCarthy, Jennifer K. and Agueros, Marcel A. and Allam, Sahar S. and Anderson, Kurt S. J. and Anderson, Scott F. and Annis, James and Bahcall, Neta A. and Baldry, Ivan K. and Barentine, J. C. and Berlind, Andreas and Bernardi, Mariangela and Blanton, Michael R. and Boroski, William N. and Brewington, Howard J. and Brinchmann, Jarle and Brinkmann, J. and Brunner, Robert J. and Budavari, Tamas and Carey, Larry N. and Carr, Michael A. and Castander, Francisco J. and Connolly, A. J. and Csabai, Istvan and Czarapata, Paul C. and Dalcanton, Julianne J. and Doi, Mamoru and Dong, Feng and Eisenstein, Daniel J. and Evans, Michael L. and Fan, Xiaohui and Finkbeiner, Douglas P. and Friedman, Scott D. and Frieman, Joshua A. and Fukugita, Masataka and Gillespie, Bruce and Glazebrook, Karl and Gray, Jim and Grebel, Eva K. and Gunn, James E. and Gurbani, Vijay K. and Haas, Ernst de and Hall, Patrick B. and Harris, Frederick H. and Harvanek, Michael and Hawley, Suzanne L. and Hayes, Jeffrey and Hendry, John S. and Hennessy, Gregory S. and Hindsley, Robert B. and Hirata, Christopher M. and Hogan, Craig J. and Hogg, David W. and Holmgren, Donald J. and Holtzman, Jon A. and Ichikawa, Shin-ichi and Ivezić, Željko and Jester, Sebastian and Johnston, David E. and Jorgensen, Anders M. and Jurić, Mario and Kent, Stephen M. and Kleinman, S. J. and Knapp, G. R. and Kniazev, Alexei Yu. and Kron, Richard G. and Krzesinski, Jurek and Kuropatkin, Nikolay and Lamb, Donald Q. and Lampeitl, Hubert and Lee, Brian C. and Leger, R. French and Lin, Huan and Long, Daniel C. and Loveday, Jon and Lupton, Robert H. and Margon, Bruce and David, Martinez-Delgado and Mandelbaum, Rachel and Matsubara, Takahiko and McGehee, Peregrine M. and McKay, Timothy A. and Meiksin, Avery and Munn, Jeffrey A. and Nakajima, Reiko and Nash, Thomas and Neilsen, Eric H. Jr. and Newberg, Heidi Jo and Newman, Peter R. and Nichol, Robert C. and Nicinski, Tom and Nieto-Santisteban, Maria and Nitta, Atsuko and O’Mullane, William and Okamura, Sadanori and Owen, Russell and Padmanabhan, Nikhil and Pauls, George and Peoples, John Jr. and Pier, Jeffrey R. and Pope, Adrian C. and Pourbaix, Dimitri and Quinn, Thomas R. and Richards, Gordon T. and Richmond, Michael W. and Rockosi, Constance M. and Schlegel, David J. and Schneider, Donald P. and Schroeder, Joshua and Scranton, Ryan and Seljak, Uroš and Sheldon, Erin and Shimasaku, Kazu and Smith, J. Allyn and Smolčić, Vernesa and Snedden, Stephanie A. and Stoughton, Chris and Strauss, Michael A. and SubbaRao, Mark and Szalay, Alexander S. and Szapudi, Istvan and Szkody, Paula and Tegmark, Max and Thakar, Aniruddha R. and Tucker, Douglas L. and Uomoto, Alan and Vanden Berk, Daniel E. and Vandenberg, Jan and Vogeley, Michael S. and Voges, Wolfgang and Vogt, Nicole P. and Walkowicz, Lucianne M. and Weinberg, David H. and West, Andrew A. and White, Simon D. M. and Xu, Yongzhong and Yanny, Brian and Yocum, D. R. and York, Donald G. and Zehavi, Idit and Zibetti, Stefano and Zucker, Daniel B. (2006) The Fourth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 162 (1). pp. 38-48. ISSN 0067-0049

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