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Zmeskal, J. and Sato, M. and Ajimura, S. and Bazzi, M. and Beer, G. and Berucci, C. and Bhang, H. and Bosnar, Damir and Bragadireanu, M. and Buehler, P. and Busso, L. and Cargnelli, M. and Choi, S. and Clozza, A. and Curceanu, C. and D'Uffizi, A. and Enomoto, S. and Fabbietti, L. and Faso, D. and Fiorini, C. and Fujioka, H. and Ghio, F. and Golser, R. and Guaraldo, C. and Hashimoto, T. and Hayano, R. S. and Hiraiwa, T. and Iio, M. and Iliescu, M. and Inoue, K. and Ishimoto, S. and Ishiwatari, T. and Itahashi, K. and Iwai, M. and Iwasaki, M. and Kawasaki, S. and Lachner, J. and Sandri, P. Levi and Ma, Y. and Marton, J. and Matsuda, Y. and Mizoi, Y. and Morra, O. and Moskal, P. and Nagae, T. and Noumi, H. and Ohnishi, H. and Okada, S. and Outa, H. and Pietreanu, D. and Piscicchia, K. and Lener, M. Poli and Romero Vidal, A. and Sada, Y. and Sakaguchi, A. and Sakuma, F. and Sbardella, E. and Scordo, A. and Sekimoto, M. and Shi, H. and Silarski, M. and Sirghi, D. and Sirghi, F. and Suzuki, K. and Suzuki, S. and Suzuki, T. and Tanida, K. and Tatsuno, H. and Tokuda, M. and Toyoda, A. and Tucakovic, I. and Tsukada, K. and Doce, O. Vazquez and Widmann, E. and Yamaga, T. and Yamazaki, T. and Zhang, Q. (SIDDHARTA Collaboration) (2015) Measurement of the strong interaction induced shift and width of the 1s state of kaonic deuterium at J-PARC. Acta Physica Polonica B, 46 (1). pp. 101-112. ISSN 0587-4254

Nagae, T. and Miyachi, T. and Fukuda, T. and Outa, H. and Tamagawa, T. and Nakano, J. and Hayano, R. S. and Tamura, H. and Shimizu, Y. and Kubota, K. and Chrien, R. E. and Sutter, R. and Rusek, A. and Briscoe, W. J. and Sawafta, R. and Hungerford, E. V. and Empl, A. and Naing, W. and Neerman, C. and Johnston, K. and Planinić, Mirko (1998) Observation of a 4ΣHe Bound State in the H4e(K−,π−) Reaction at 600MeV/c. Physical Review Letters, 80 (8). pp. 1605-1609. ISSN 0031-9007

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